Combiner Wars Hot Rod/Rodimus and Skywarp

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Combiner Wars Hot Rod/Rodimus and Skywarp

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No complaints about Skywarp but Hot Rod/Rodimus is simply okay. I can't believe that they did not make it so the flames would end up in the front on his chest like it should. Then the spoiler turns into a lame axe rather than rest on his back in the awesome way they should. Maybe I am being overly critical but I feel he deserves more and better treatment then this. Really kind of irritates me. Check out the reviews by clicking the link below.
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Re: Combiner Wars Hot Rod/Rodimus and Skywarp

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Hi. Not even sure what I'm doing here. I just registered on here but don't know how to post. Can you help please. Also I have a bunch of transformers that I'm looking for information on. I managed to get the names of most of the transformer figures I have I want to post pictures of these figures I want to sell. I would be grateful for any help. Thank you :D
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