G1 Original 1980's Never Opened Optimus Prime

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G1 Original 1980's Never Opened Optimus Prime

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Hello everyone! I have recently acquired an amazing original G1 80's Optimus Prime which is in a sealed box that has never been opened. Only issues with the box are the front 2 corners which have a bit of wear (not all the way through the cardboard), and the flap was creased at some point... also a couple of tiny nicks from being stored for over 30 years unprotected. I received it from someone who bought 2 when they 1st came out. They gave one to their nephew and stored the other one since the day they bought it. Again, it has never been opened and the original pieces of tape are still hanging on for dear life across both ends. Window is in good shape and intact all around.

I am thinking about selling it since money is a bit tight with my family, but may decide to sell something else and hang onto it. My main question to you all is what do you think I should expect to get if I decide to sell it. I realize it is near impossible without uploading a lot of pics and/or seeing the actual Optimus, but just curious about a ballpark. (I tried to upload some pics, but my files were too big).

Thanks everyone for your help!!
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