Malignant (2021)- Maggy's movie reviews

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Malignant (2021)- Maggy's movie reviews

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Since we have a relaunch, I might as well help you guys out with reviews of some of the dozens of movies I see in the theater monthly. I have one of those unlimited passes, and I waste a lot of time at the cinema. So, on to today's subject.

Malignant is the new film from director James Wan (The Conjuring, Furious 7, Saw, Aquaman). I found out the twist in this movie and that is the only reason I decided to see it. I expected it to just be another flavor of the conjuring, but I was so wrong (see spoilers for more).

The review: This movie is basically what would happen if you gave Lloyd Kaufman and the Troma crew $10 mil to make a Lifetime movie of the week. It is pure Schlock and it is marvelous. Though they take their sweet time to get to the part where it becomes a fun and ridiculous film, they get there. It is the story of a woman that has an abusive husband and a history of miscarriages gaining the ability to seemingly from a psychic connection, seeing through the eyes of a brutal cereal killer. Things take a nasty turn when all clues point back to connections from her past. The kills are brutal. The stunt work is top notch. The visual effects are seriously mood changing. Overall, my opinion is you like your horror with a bit of an over the top feel, and love your schlock, this is a great time. Runtime is 1:52, so it does drag a bit in the middle, but the final act makes it worth it.

It is currently playing on HBO Max and in theaters.

Spoilers: I will not add this to all my reviews, but this is what made actually want to see the film. Instead of one of dozen "see through the killer's eyes" film, this one has a twist. The killer is the remnants of a conjoined twin (connected at the brain) that was removed when the main character was in her early youth. They call it a tumor (it's not a tumor) but the thing had arms, eyes and a mouth. The part that remain had been shoved into the girl's skull, in order to preserve her brain. It reformed itself by eating the stem cell from the fetuses she had been carrying, thus the miscarriages she had suffered, and was released when the abusive husband fractured her skull. Think of the movie Basket Case in addition to aforementioned Lifetime movies of the week. Add special effects of someone walking/running/climbing with their joints reversed (as the recently emerged twin is growing out of the back of her head) and it is creepy as hell. Absolutely cheesy and wonderful at the same time.
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