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Brave Series Brave Exkaiser

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Brave Exkaiser is the first entry in what would become Takara’ mecha anime-based Brave Series. The series does not have any particularly unified design style, but rather built off the sort of generally futuristic but blocky designs seen in Transformers Victory. The series introduced the main structure of Brave Series toylines, wherein a main hero mecha (and his combining partner) are joined by a couple uniquely engineered combiner teams to defeat a monster of the week.

The main character of Brave Exkaiser is the eponymous Exkaiser, a Lancia Stratos-like car that pulls a large trailer. Exkaiser has a gimmick whereby a lever flips his chest panel around to reveal a sculpted tiger face. In the proud tradition of many tokusatsu and mecha anime heroes, Exkaiser can combine with himself (the trailer) to form King Exkaiser. The subsequently released Dragon Kaiser can disassemble to form armor for King Exkaiser, creating Great Exkaiser. The main combiner team supporting Great Exkaiser is the Max Team, three futuristic vehicles that feature the same chest-flipping gimmick as Exkaiser. The second team, the Raker Brothers, are two shinkansen trains that can also combine into a larger robot by forming left and right body halves. Finally, the Deluxe range is graced with a unique triple-changing villain toy, Dragon Geist (“Geist” would appear as a common naming theme among Brave villains). Exkaiser’s Standard component was only populated by a Great Exkaiser figure.

Although small, the Exkaiser would kick off nearly a decade-long series that would span numerous design themes and leave an imprint on the genre of super robot toys that Transformers could never scratch.


Combiners - Max Team (God Max)

Dash Max

Drill Max

God Max

Sky Max

Combiners - Raker Brothers (Ultra Raker)

Blue Raker

Green Raker

Ultra Raker

Deluxe (DX)


Dragon Kaiser

Great Exkaiser

King Exkaiser

Standard (STD)

King Exkaiser