As the Transformers brand reached its peak in 1986 Hasbro unleashed a gamut of new toys and merchandise. However, they had nearly exhausted Takara’s former Diaclone designs, and thus turned to unfinished ideas for that series. Most of these new designs were Combiners, which had proved wildly popular with 1985’s Devastator. One of these new combiners was Skydive, a gray and black General Dynamics F-16A air superiority fighter.

US Patent for G1 Skydive


Skydive was originally conceptualized for a Diaclone subseries called “Jizai Gattai”, or Free Combination, which would have included the Stunticons, Combaticons, Aerialbots, Protectobots, and Metroplex. Each team had a theme, each limb figure could combine with any other team leader as any limb, and each leader figure had some sort of base mode, usually, with a spring-loaded vehicle launcher. All the figures could also interact with Metroplex. However, Transformers’ imminent success put Diaclone and Jizai Gattai on ice. It was Transformers’ long term success that saw these designs to completion, however. Skydive was invented by Kaoru Matsumoto. His US Patent, titled Reconfigurable toy jet-plane (aka Transformers G1 Skydive) was filed on February 12, 1985 (U.S. Patent No. USD294048 S).


Skydive transforms into an F-16A fighter jet. He is decorated primarily in gray with black wings, an lightning bolt pattern stickers on his wings and rudder. He features fairly realistic proportions, and a large amount of molded details on the surface of his jet parts. He features fixed rolling rear landing gear, and a rolling front gear that can fold into the nosecone. His transformation is the same scheme as the other three small Aerialbots: the cockpit and tail sections pivot on rods to form a “backpack”, the wings fold upward, the jet rear extends, and the arms pivot out on rods to his sides. His robot mode is decorated with a die-cast chestplate, stickers, and molded leg details. His eyes are highlighted in red, and he can wield his small pistol by clipping it over his fist. As a “Scramble City” combiner, Skydive can transform into any combiner’s leg or arm by folding the jet parts onto his back, or additionally flip the head down and extending his legs, respectively, and attaching the appropriate accessory. He typically forms Superion’s left arm (in Silverbolt’s instructions, or right leg (in official fiction).

Collector Notes

Take care when removing Skydive, or any other combiner limb, from a leader figure’s socket. Also, like his teammates, the telescoping legs can wear out over time, becoming to loose to stand, or even falling off completely once the stops are ground down. Furthermore, the nose and tail sections can easily be broken or simply pulled off of their connecting rods.


Skydive has only very minor production variations over the course of his run. Production was moved from Japan to Macau in 1987, resulting in very minor variations.


Skydive was available individually carded or in a Superion gift set in 1986. Due to the popularity of combiners, he was available again in 1987, packaged with or without a random Autobot Decoy. He was available in 1990 in Europe’s continuation of G1.

Redecos & Retools

Skydive’s mold was used again in 1994 G2, in silver and blue, with checkered flag patterns.