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Transformers Bot Shots

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Japan Equivalent: BeCool

Transformers: Bot Shots was Hasbro’s second foray into gaming figures for Transformers, after Attacktix. Bot Shots only encompassed the Transformers brand, however, and was somewhat more long-lived than its predecessor, running from 2012 through 2013.

The basic premise of Bot Shots are simple, super-deformed figures with spring transformations activated by pressing the front bumper or nose of the alternate mode. Each toy has a three-sided rotor with three icons and corresponding 3 digit numbers. The gameplay involves launching the figures to collide with each other, revealing which side of the rotor the player has secretly pre-selected. The rotor sides then trump one another like rock-paper-scissors, with the three digit numbers breaking any ties.

The figures were sold in standard blister packaging as single figures, displaying their name and series serial number on the package. Each wave had a “Super Bot” with higher stat numbers. Since they were not blind-packed, the Super Bot was simply packed fewer per case to increase rarity. Three-packs were also introduced, each including two regular Bot Shots (usually redecos) and one Super Bot. Not long after, the Bot Launcher assortment debuted, with a single Bot Shot whose large trailer detached to become a spring-loaded launcher for any regular Bot.

The second series introduced new transformation sequences, including Bots that jump-flipped, and some with wind-up spinning arms. Themed “Team 5-Packs” were introduced, as well as a set that included track and arena for playing the game.

Toward the end of the second series, Bot Shots was quietly cancelled, leaving one wave very scarce, and another wave completely unreleased.



Bumblebee, Sentinel Prime, Prowl (BP001, BP0)

Decepticon Brawl, Shockwave, Ironhide (BP009, BP0)

Flip Shot Cliffjumper, Flip Shot Decepticon Brawl, Dirt Boss (BP001, BP0)

Jump Shot Cindersaur, Jump Shot Optimus Prime, Autobot Jazz (BP007, BP0)

Jump Shot Shockwave, Jump Shot Bumblebee, Skyquake (BP003, BP0)

Megatron, Nemesis Prime, Acid Storm (BP004, BP0)

Red Alert, Ultra Magnus, Mirage (BP009, BP0)

Skyquake, Jetfire, Powerglide (BP006, BP0)

Spin Shot Scourge, Spin Shot Sergeant Kup, Blitzwing (BP005, BP0)

Twinstrike, Skystalker, Bumblebee (BP010, BP0)

Basic Figures

Autobot Hound (B012)

Autobot Jazz (B014)

Autobot Ratchet (B006)

Barricade (B004)

Bumblebee (B019)

Bumblebee (Super Bot )

Bumblebee (B001)

Decepticon Brawl (B007)

Flip Shot Bumblebee (B001)

Flip Shot Decepticon Brawl (B006)

Inferno (B011)

Ironhide (B012)

Jetfire (B010)

Jump Shot Cliffjumper (Super Bot )

Jump Shot Optimus Prime (B004)

Jump Shot Shockwave (B003)

Jump Shot Skywarp (S2/003)

Leadfoot (B015)

Lockdown (B008)

Megatron (B018)

Megatron (Super Bot )

Mirage (B005)

Optimus Prime (Super Bot )

Optimus Prime (B003)

Powerglide (B013)

Roadbuster (B017)

Sentinel Prime (Super Bot )

Shockwave (Super Bot )

Skywarp (B016)

Spin Shot Ironhide (B002)

Spin Shot Megatron (B008)

Spin Shot Scourge (B005)

Starscream (B002)

Sunstorm (Super Bot )

Thundercracker (B009)

Topspin (B011)

Twinstrike (BP009)

Bot Shot Launchers

Flip Shot Warpath Launcher (BL004)

Ironhide with launcher (BL003)

Jump Shot Bumblebee Launcher (BL002)

Megatron with Tank launcher (BL002)

Optimus Prime with Trailer launcher (BL001)

Spin Shot Cryo Scourge Launcher (BL003)

Spin Shot Optimus Prime Launcher (BL001)

Starscream with Launcher (BL004)

Gift Sets

Ultimate Battle Set


Dragon Track

Team Packs

Autobot Air Force (T011, T012)

Autobot Polar Assault Team (T001, T002)

Decepticon Fire Assault Team (T016, T017)

Stunticons (T006, T007)